Monday, February 15, 2010

Will you be my Valentine? Forever.

My husband is so wonderful!!
We got to sleep in on Valentines days! Then we relaxed and enjoyed each others company watching romantic movies on tv! After our movies, we made home made pizza together!! While the pizza was baking. Bradley took me in his arms and danced with me. We practiced Country Swing dancing! Which was very fun! We can't wait to go out dancing and to do our newly learned moves on the dance floor! After lunch, Bradley fell aleep in my arms on the couch. while I watched Casanova. Then it was dinner time!
Bradley had plans to have a "dinner for two" at home! So romantic! He had set up the table with my flowers he bought me, two red long candles, and a card. We cooked Creamy Linguini with Shrimp. SOOO tasty!!!! My card, could have made me cry. If I wasn't so happy! The card looked like our wedding invitations and the words were so dear to my heart. After dinner we made Strawberry Cake and ate our chocolate covered strawberries we made. Afterwards it was time to cuddle on the couch again and watch "ghosts of girlfriends past". Cute movie.
To some up our Valentines day....IT WAS PERFECT! He was perfect. I have an amazing husband! I am very lucky to have him!! Thank you for such a great Valentines day Bradley! And for being a wondeful, loving husband!!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

So in love with my husband!

I grow more and more inlove with my husband! Everyday, every minute that we are together! Even the time that we HAVE to be apart from each other! It's so unbelievable that we've been together for 7 years now, married for almost two years! And every moment I fall more in love with him! He's such an amazing person, amazing husband. He always becomes more wonderful! He's so easy to love, so full of life! I love his energy, his spirit, his desire to be with me and have fun with me! It's so special that we both want to be with each other all the time. We're always so excited to be with one another. We love all the same things and enjoy doing them together. I love the way we greet each other when we come home from a days work, like we've been gone for weeks. When really it's only been a few hours! The hug and kiss to say I love and missed you. He is the person I want all the time, for the rest of my life. I'm excited about life with him. to discover new things together. To fall even more in love. He's everything I wanted, everything I need. He's everything to me. I love him endlessly. Unconditionally!
I'm in love!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Update on class, thus far:

2 weeks ago, I hated my math class. I got out of class crying to Bradley, then even posting on FB that I was thinking of not going anymore. It was my first time in a "real" school setting. I didn't expect to have to speak infront of everyone. It made me nervous.  I'm always too hard on myself. I spent ALL week dwelling on this math class. I couldn't be awake without thinking of it every minute! It was awful. Until one night.... Bradley lifted up my spirit. He told me how highly he thinks of me, how proud he is, how everyone can feel this way and that I'm smart and can do this. He gave me so much advice, strength and so much encouragement. Telling me to pray about it and go talk to my professor to see if he had any advice. On my way to class last Wednesday night, I turned on my uplifting music. Then listened to a song that carrie underwood sings. "he's so good" (thinking of how good Bradley is and GOD) I prayed the whole way to class, then in class, allll the way through class. And what did you know!? I made it through! I went to talk to my teacher at the end of class. I told him of how I've been homeschooled my whole life and that I was just very overwhelmed by having to speak infront of others. That I WANTED to over come this. What would his advice be. He actually made me feel good too (not as good as Bradley though, of course!) He told me he always felt that way too and still does sometimes. He told me that when he comes to me, that I can give a signal (like thumbs up) if I want to speak. if not, to RUN OUT SCREAMING! haha, just kidding. he said I didn't have to speak if I wasn't comfortable. .Can it really be that simple? WOW AMAZING! Who would have thought, that all I had to do is tell people what I was feeling! I called Bradley right after class, yelling..."I LOVE MY CLASS!!!" wow....what a 180. It is true, that if we turn to Christ and call upon Him. If we pray, He will answer. God gave me such a WONDERFUL husband, who loves me so much to spend 30 minutes making me feel good. God is GOOD! and He is ALWAYS there for us, for me! I am excited that I am THIS much closer to getting my degree!! I hope I have another good day in class this week!!

Psalm 17:6 "I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer"

Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter to my husband

I was organizing Bradley and my shoes boxes, that are full with love notes, card, ext. From the last 7 years. I stumbled across a letter that said "to my dearest husband". The letter was writen before Bradley and I started dating, before I really even knew him. It was dated Dec. 9th, 2002. In the letter I talked about how I can't wait to be with him, my furure husband. How much I'm going to love him and can't wait to know him. I remembered praying 3 months before I met Bradley, that I would lose my life for Christ and focus on him. Allowing God to bring a man into my life that was my husband. That I didn't want to date or be with any other guy, than my husband. God answered those prayers and brought Brad into my life. We started dating Dec. 25th, 2002. I forgot all about this love note I had written to my "future husband". and put it away in a box, that I found a few nights ago. I read it, then came up to Bradley and said "here, I think this is yours". Bradley got teary eyed. The part I did not expect is the part where I just cried in his arms, thinking of how GOOD God is and how much I LOVE my husband! How this letter was written to him, my husband and he now read it. It's simply wonderful the blessings God brings! Bradley is such a blessing from the LORD! And  I thank GOD that we are together!  I love you, my dearest husband!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year Resolutions

It's time to start making and working on those Resolutions! I of course, have just a few of my own!!

1. Draw more near to Christ.

2. Be a better wife than I was in 2009 to Bradley!
3. Go to London to see Castles!
4. See/visit my family more often!
5. Sing at places (Pursuing my dream)
6. Eat healthy and get toned.
7. Find a church and get more involved in that church. (We haven't found one yet in Forney)
8. Live each day to it's fullest
9. Join a dance studio
10. Finish my wedding scrapbook (and any others I have)
11. See real snow!
12. Get half way through my degree. (wishful thinking)
13. Have a more servant heart. Helping others
I should PROBABLY stop with the Resolutions.  Oh how I could go on for all eternity with all the things I want to do this year! I hope I reach each goal and then some!
Happy New Year! Make the most of each moment!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

A look back onto 2009

Happy New Year everyone! We can hardly believe it's 2010! Time to set those New Year Resolutions! We have already set a few ourselves! Now, we have to help each other stick to them! 2009 came and went fast! We enjoyed every moment with our family and friends through the Holidays! A lot happened in 2009. We celebrated a lot of birthdays! Joy turned 23. Bradley, 24. Joy's youngest brother, Bobby turned 16! Kellea and Daniel turned 21! Michael turned 18! Kenneth 17 and got his first "real" girlfriend. John turned 27! (wow) And our nephew Zackie turned one! We had two open heart surgerys in the family; Joy's dad and our nephew Zachary. Which both of them recovered very well! Praise be to God! We celebrated our one year of marriage on May 25th!! Along with John and Shannon on July 19th! We got another Papillon puppy, named Bella. Having two puppies has been great! Max and Bel give each other great company and help ware one another out! They have high spirits and are great companions for us! A lot of our friends had babies!! Crazy how fast time has gone by! That all of us are getting married and having babies! We can't wait 'til that day comes for us! Joy's parents divorced in January...That has been pretty hard on all 5 kids. Seeing your parents split after 29 years of marriage and 5 kids later, is never easy. We are trusting in the Lord. And pray the best for both parents. Joys mom was diagnosed with Lupus. after several months of pain and her not being able to get out of bed, losing her job, struggling to keep fevers down. She finally found out what was going on. She has been on different medications to try to get her symptoms to not be so bad. Right now she is on a LOW dues of chemo. The doctor is working with her to see what works for her. We are just praying that her symptoms get better, so she can live a normal life. We lost a few loved ones. Bradley's great grandpa, Tommy. and step grandpa, David. Joy's grandpa, Russ. Losing them has been so hard. But we know we will see them again in Heaven one day!

Joy dyed her hair dark brown! looks great! We got a new car. A Dodge Avenger. Which we are both very grateful for! Joy also switched jobs from the Bank, back into daycare here in Forney. It's been a very great job! Joy loves working with children. We've both gone back to school. After a year break, having fun being married! Joy is studying to be a Sonographer and is expected to graduate in 2012. Bradley is working on getting his associates degree, in muti media. Bradley is still with SouthWest air lines and loves it! He works with a lot of great people! We've been very blessed woth his job! We are looking forward to what 2010 brings! We are praying for great health and happiness for all of us and our loved ones! Keep Christ the center of your lives! Pray faithfully and keep your loved ones close! Make it a great year!!